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The Candle
God is a Candle.
In the Darkest of Nights,
In the most brutal of storms,
When men’s hearts are broken and lost,
God lights the path with Hope.
God gives refuge from the terrors of night
And from the wailing of the damned in the dark.
God gives solace amid thunder and lightning.
Warmth and reprieve when all is
Drowned and crying.
Through this darkness, with God’s blessed light
The dawn is seen breaking golden and new.
But in the new day
The candle is forgotten
What need have the people of a simple candle
And a simple God
When they have the glories of the Sun for light
And their own pride and deeds to adore?
Thus when the sky is filled with light
The hearts of foolish Men are filled with Darkness.
But take heed wisest of men:
Revere the Lord and respect the austere warmth
Pay always respect and honour to these gifts.
For when the greatest of your accomplishments
Lie broken and ruined upon the ground
When the darkest hours of night
Bring pain and terror and fear before your do
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Things That Go Bump in the Night
You wake into the all-encompassing darkness one night as the gibbous witch-moon flies high over you abode. All through the dark and foreboding you feel the presences of all manner of ungodly beast and dæmons. Just beyond your line of sight lies an unspeakable beast without mortal description. This you know.
You struggle to breathe as your neck is constricted by the terror of the great darkness that surrounds you. Within this darkness are all sorts of fiends and accursed things that drift at the edge of your consciousness. Oh! What a fool you are! For long you have laughed merrily when told of young children’s dreaded night fears! Yet now your mind draws you back to your own childhood.
Around every corner, in every darkened corridor, slinking through unattended windows and lurking in dark closets are the unspeakable horrors which delight in the terror of innocent children. Now in the darkness you are alone with these creatures that once tormented your nocturnal hours as the r
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The Conspiracy of Silence
   The Conspiracy of Silence was a term used angrily Pope Pius XI (May he rest in peace) who was Pope just before the outbreak of WWII.
Despite many perceptions of the Church, Hitler had a deep-seated hatred for us Catholics, something often overlooked or outright denied by many historians who are of political biases on either side. The Catholic political party in Germany foresaw the coming Holocaust better than most and attempted to take power away from Hitler. As such many Catholic politicians were targeted during the horrendous purges when Hitler took power. Many other Catholics were put into Concentration camps, and the SS had a special hatred for the Jesuits. But as this went on, western democracies, the so-called guardians of freedom and justice, stood aside apathetically.
   But this phenomena was not exclusive to Germany. In the 20's the Marxist government of Mexico targeted the Church, sparking the revolutionary Cristero War the marks of which are still vis
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Pete Seeger
Pete Seeger
Pete Seeger
Troubadour of the Downtrodden
Voice of the Silent
Now one in the legion passed American heroes
For near a century he sang
Of this great nation and its heroes
Now he is fallen silent, cold as clay
In the choir of the unspeaking, the unfeeling
But is he truly gone?
No, not now nor ever,
So long as the message of
Peace, Hope, and Freedom
Still rings true across this land
And in all others
:iconpeteseeger:PeteSeeger 3 2


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    I recently finished watching Xavier Beauvois' cinematic masterpiece "Of Gods and Men", a movie chronicling the story of a group of French Trappist monks in Algeria during the bloody civil war of the the mid nineties. The movie examines their devotion to the people and their vows, as their doom slowly approaches them. Their is comparatively little dialogue, a lot of scenes being composed of the brothers quietly praying or contemplating in peace. In one of the last scenes of the movie, the nine brothers share wine while listening to the music of Swan lake. Each monk is given an upclose shot, showing their joy at this moment to their brothers, and their fear and sadness about what is yet to come. In the middle of the night, seven of them are kidnapped while two brothers manage to evade the terrorists' search.
    In the end, the seven are marched into the mountains, and executed and are promptly decapitated, with their heads being delivered to the French Intelligence service (A part obviously not shown in the movie). The last spoken lines of the movie are a letter by the monastery's leader, Dom Christian, to his friends/family/superiors in France, saying how he is not afraid of what lies ahead, and is proud of how he's lived his life. He lived as Our Lord did, as brother to all-always serving, helping and guiding-and when worldly death claimed Him, he went proud and unafraid. The scene following this is the brothers being marched by the Islamic Armed Group into the Atlas Mountains to a certain but unsaid fate. Each brother walks each step to his own demise, fearful yet faithful, never looking back, never degrading himself by begging for mercy.
    But despite the unfortunate end of the brothers, the message to be taken from this movies is hopeful one. The Muslim people, however different they may seem, are our brothers as God's children, as they are our brothers in faith. No matter how the media would like to paint them all as savages like the minority who terrorize so many, we must always remember to love them and not allow prejudices or the mechanizations of this world's masters turn us on our neighbours. 
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